5 well known beauty tips from granny became just myths!

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Well known beauty tips are many. Lots of advises for skin,  for nails and also for hair. Those numerous tips may be tricky. Beauty magazines and blogs are everywhere and each has a new advice for you. If you trusted all of them and tried their tips, you may lose a lot. What about our grandmothers beauty recommendations? Are all those old beauty habits true?

Beauty tips or myths?

Actually, the ugly truth is that not all beauty advises are useful. Some of well known beauty tips are just habits. Sometimes these tips are not on scientific basis. Also, the same advice may not be beneficial for all girls. Nowadays, science proves that many of the well known beauty tips became just myths!

List of 5 beauty tips became myths:


1) Cut hair ends to enhance its growth:

Well known beauty tip,  is to cut hair ends to increae its length and density. Actually,  this is not true. Hair ends are just old parts of hair so when you cutying them will not improve your hair growth. This may give you

2) Toothpaste treats inflammation of pimples:

Maia Hoffman, specialized dermatologist at Warentest the famous german institution,  said that toothpaste may increase the inflammation of your pimples not the opposite as we know.

3) Sleep on your back to avoid wrinkles:

This is not a fact,  but also it may work on temporary basis.  To seem good at the morning or to avoid misshapen.  Well known beauty tip with no evidence for working in the long run. Your skin will not get rid of its fie lones and wrinkles overnight. Another myth.

4) Olive oil increases hair growth speed:

Who didn’t use olive oil before to get hair message?  Most grannies convinced us that olive oil is magic. Well known beauty tip is passed through generations that olive oil,  cocconut oil and many other natural oils are able to stimulate hair growth. This is unfortunately a myth. Oil moisturize hair and makes it shiny and prone to split ends. This may be the reason, as the hair seems longer because the breakage rate decreases.

 5) Shaving increases hair density:

Shaving your legs is essential to retain your overall beauty. But another well known besuty tip is that shaving increases hair growth speed. Texture and hair growth are genetic characters that can’t be affected by shaving. When you wax, you remove hair from its roots. While by shaving,  hair is just cut from the surface only.  So shaving is not harmful to your skin.

Well known beauty tips tha became myths are a lot.  Try to find a trusted source of information to get the right advice.  Ask doctors or look for medical magazines to know what would be useful for you.  Sometimes the same tip is not working with all of us.


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