A daily skin care routine to get Korean amazing skin

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Korean amazing skin

If you have ever met a Korean girl personally, you would understand why we are interested in their daily skin care routine. Their skin is freaking amazing and unbelievably flawless. Korean women’s perfect skin has an old secret behind it, and now it is very clear to the world because of their stars, thank you.

It is hard to come across a Korean woman with no flawless hauntingly beautiful skin. That’s because of their ultimate caring of their complexion. They spend money and time and the result is wonderful. The secret to getting Korean amazing skin is in simple 10 steps should be done every single night.

Korean girls think that the intensive daily skin care affects the person at all. They believe that it plays a vital role in making you happier. It must be enjoyable and reflective. We got for you 10 easy steps to take care of your skin. Here we are:

Daily skin care routine:

  1. Oil cleanser: This step is very important to remove all makeup products from your face. Oil cleanser is great to be applied to both face and neck. Of course, don’t forget eyes area and lips. Massage the cleanser gently then rap some warm water on it. The oil melts wrack on your face and makes the skin clean and fresh. 
  2. Water-based cleanser: To complete cleaning your skin, use a water-based cleanser. Apply it and massage it in a circular motion then rinse it with warm water. You will feel the difference because it removed all remained dirt from the skin. It comes as foam or gel and both are great. 
  3. Exfoliate: This step aims to get rid of all dead cells and leave a shiny clean skin. It clears pores and makes the skin more radiant. Also, it helps makeup to go through your skin smoothly. In circular motions, apply the scrub then wash it gently and repeat this step 3 times a week. 
  4. Toner: Refresh your skin and prepare it for the next product using a good toner. It balances PH and moisture levels of the skin. Massage your skin using cotton swaps wet with toner outward to your ears. 
  5. Essence: Another unique Korean secret; essence which is a toner serum hybrid with water consistency and skin rebuilding properties. Pat essence with your fingerprints to get extra moisture. 
  6. Treatments: This step is to treat your skin problem regularly. If you have dark spots or pigmentation or any other skin issue, use a suitable cream or serum. 
  7. Sheet masks: This is very special for Korean women. Sheet masks pamper and nourish your skin. Choose a mask contains ingredients suit your skin type and enjoy this relaxing beneficial experience. Use different masks twice a week. 
  8. Eye cream: To take care of under eyes skin, we should use a good eye cream because this skin is very sensitive. Eye cream treats dark circles and smoothens the skin. It protects it and makes eyes look younger and fresher. Dab the cream gently and use it once during the day and once at night. 
  9. Moisture: Hydrate your skin with face oil or a moisturizer to keep your skin soft and smooth. Use lotion, cream or gel every day; once in the morning and once at night. 
  10. Sunscreen: If are going out, you must use a sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. This would prevent skin pigmentation and dark spots. Use your favorite sunscreen every day in the morning before going out and let it the last product you put on your face. 

That was everything about Korean amazing skin care tips. Talk with us about your special daily skin care routine. suggest which country you like to know about their beauty secrets and tips.







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