Astonishing New No-Makeup Makeup Line Makes You Naturally Glowing

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Gucci Westman

Do you remember “There’s something about Mary” movie of Cameron Diaz? Cameron said before, it was the exact moment she met Gucci Westman who was a makeup artist at that time. “She didn’t put on a new face by her amazing makeup. Weastman made my skin breathe by mixing and spot-painting varied colors to get this great look” stated Diaz. No one does skin like her, this is the opinion of all celebrities hired Westman. She uses special language to talk with the skin to know what it needs. Every face and every character need specific touch to seem more bright.

Face sculpting products exist nowadays in a rush. But Westman noted that she prefers transparency in both product layering and the ingredient selections. Gucci atelier starts with lines of highlighters, bronzes, blushes and 11 shades foundations called impossible creamy. Directly after the end of her position as global artistic director for Lancôme, she thought to launch her first makeup collection. The professional makeup artist is getting ready for this great experience next month. Her vision is to incorporate skin care benefits into makeup. This would give you healthy, glow and beautiful skin at the same time.

No-makeup makeup

First at all, Westman thought about her friend and dear client; Jennifer Aniston who described Gucci’s ability as “she can naturally make you look like Gisele.” She considered to use this in marketing a new makeup line. The story begins with being vegetarian doesn’t eat meat and living at Swedish countryside. This image made her very sensitive about the clean beauty and so the botanical power to make your life better in one or more aspects.

She uses this botanical power to get healthy ingredients forming beauty tools. Westman stacked her baby cheek blush sticks with organic jojoba oil and raspberry stem cells. To avoid inflammation, stay away from synthetic pigments encapsulated using bio-mimicry technology.

No-makeup makeup version is a balanced approach between beauty and care. This standout Vital Skin Foundation Sticks feature two kinds of oil. Camellia oil to help skin to be protected from the environmental damage. Coconut oil to nourish the skin. If you can reward your skin with a product you will love, why would’t you make that choice?


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