Watch some of the biggest Oscars nights fashion disasters

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Fashion disasters are usually shown at important events like Oscars. It is a great incident set every year and all our beloved stars prepare themselves well for it. But actually, not all actresses could astonish us with a good dress. Many dresses were spectacular but not everyone gets it right. A lot of famous faces have visited stylists, makeup artists, and hairdressers but their styles were disasters.

Let’s check my list for Oscars fashion mistakes…

Fashion disasters

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek was reported as one of the bad dressed at the 2018 Oscars Awards. She was wore a metallic purple Gucci gown which was garnished with crystals and sequins.

The dress also had a diamond-studded chain draped cross ways her chest. Hayek’s gown shows excessive layered ruffles paired with glittering fabric. That’s so much!!



Nicole Kidman

The beautiful lady wore an electric blue off-shoulders dress. It was not very suitable for the Oscars but for the high school prom. Long gown with a high slot on the front is not very convenient for this event. However, its accessories are great and very fit with the dress.



Andra Day

The lovely singer was at the Oscars for her performance “Stand Up For Something”. Actually, not only her performance but also her dress was very noticeable. Everybody was talking about the curtain that Andra got to were.


Whoopi Goldberg

Goldberg wore a blue-green floral off-the-shoulders dress. The sister star chose this fabric which makes her bigger in size. Also, she put on the black sunglasses that made her look worse. Besides, the tattoo on her right arm appeared and the whole aspect was destroyed.


Blanca Blanco

She was very uncovered at the Oscars. She wore a long dress in red and white. The dress had a thigh-high slit and super plunging neckline. Blanca said that she chose the colors and was involved in designing it.


St. Vincent

Vincent black mini dress seemed that its maker forgot something. It looked unfinished and need a tailor to fix it. This incomplete outfit is not convenient to the Oscars. The dress has only one arm while the other didn’t exist!!




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