How To Be Stylish And Fashionable With Cheap Clothes

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I think all women have dreamed to get the stars look. Stylish and fashionable with wonderful makeup will be very helpful. Here comes the problem because this will cost much money. Think about this, there are always some tricks to look like your favorite star. It will not be easy? May be but it is not impossible to find how to be stylish and fashionable with cheap clothes.

How to be stylish and fashionable with cheap clothes?

First you should know that not only brands seem fabulous. When you get nice and fit clothes, this would make you star. Also you have to know which colors are suitable for your skin. Simple makeup will be good and classy. Stylish and fashionable girls are those who could know what to were and when. Easy tips and advises would help you to feel gorgeous.

Advises how to be stylish and fashionable with cheap clothes:

1) Try the charity shops in posh areas. You may find something special like an expensive bag. Don’t miss the surprise you get.

2) Visit the tailor to help you. This would be useful because sometimes you can’t find your size. Another problem, would be that the piece needs a little modification to be fit.

3) Stop cleaning your stuff so much because this destroys them. Cleaning clothes so much fades colors and wears down fabrics. If you have a spot, just clean it using wet sponge.

4) Stay simple and different. Try to buy a simple stuff and two or three bracelets to change. Get one lovely jacket and wear it with tops of different colors.

5) Warm colors as brown, mauve and olive seem very dark and sad. Instead, focus on black and white and saturated colors to look bright and crisp. Pastels will be great.

6) Don’t forget sales, of course you will hit something useful. Weather you will go to stores or you will log on to internet, trust me buy during the sale.

Finally, your old old clothes are not so bad. Just try to renew them by adding colored fabric on the sleeves. Also you may change the jeans by folding it. Were the same stuff with different shoes and bags. You are stylish and fashionable when you love yourself and feel confident.


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