How to lose your beauty by ten steps; avoid them and enjoy

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Your beauty is essential issue

It depends on what do you think about yourself. This is so true that all women strive hard to have a great look. When you have a nice aspect, your self-confidence raises more. You do a lot to pamper your skin to get glow face. Being updated to the latest skin care products is very important. Also, not all makeup brands are good for your skin. Some are harmful and your skin would be hurt somehow. You should think well about your beauty healthy routine and search for bits of advice. It is possible to lose your beauty while you are trying to take care of it.

To lose your beauty that

Have you ever think that your daily habits may be the first enemy of your skin? There are some mistakes we all do but it really has bad effects on our beauty. “How to lose your beauty in ten days” is a trial to help you stop destroying your beauty. We aim to seem younger and more beautiful. Maybe it is not easy to get rid of habits you used to do daily, but in order not to lose your beauty you should try. Here are some of the daily bad habits you have to replace.

  1. Sleep hours less than you need: As we all know, you should sleep from 6 to 8 hours at night every single day. This is very important for your health at all and also for your skin. Sleeping shortage causes slow body metabolism, puffy eye bags, and dark circles.
  2. Unhydrated body: Water is the main component of our body so its lack results in many problems. Your body needs from 8 to 10 water glasses per day. This water rinses the body from toxins and it makes your skin glow naturally. Please exclude soda, cold drinks, tea, and coffee and drink the previously mentioned amount of water.
  3. Don’t clean and moist your skin: Cleansing, moisturizing, and toning are the secret of fantastic skin. Your daily routine should include them. Homemade products are cheap and good, use them it is better than nothing.
  4. Smoke: If love your skin and really don’t want to lose your beauty, give up smoking. It destroys everything in the body not only your skin.
  5. Playing with pimples: It very bad to play with pimples because it raises scars and spots. Also, your skin will appear pale. Use creams to remove pimples in a good way.



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