“I wanna be a fashion women model” owners of this dream follow me

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The dream

Fashion women model” is a big dream for a big number of girls worldwide neither their color or country. But the important question is never been asked; how can I do it?! When your dream is great, you have to be sure that it is very easy to reach it. Those words are not disappointing but to show that you need extra effort to let your dream come true. There are a lot of information written about modeling and how to enroll in this field. Books, websites, and also TV interviews can be your source to get in touch with fashion stars space.

We are going to show you a few steps to help you get started.

To be fashion women model

  1. Basic snapshots: Begin with some basic snapshots to present them to modeling agents. Scouts always look for a nice face photo which shows you smiling and not smiling at the same time. Get varied shots; face front, left and right face profiles, the whole body shot and also back shot. Wear fit clothes like skinny jeans or leggings.


  2.   Meet experts: Most new models start to search for ways to be a fashion model because their families or friends said that they should be model. Professional modeling agents may have another view. Get evaluated from experienced scout before spending time and money.


  3. Much exposure: There are many fashion agencies and each specializes in only one area; high fashion, commercial models, plus size or petite. Try to send your photos via mail, print a lot of copies and send them with a brief message inside an envelope to all agencies you have heard about. This may be money and time consuming but it is better than you lost your chance due to the huge number of e-mails sent every single day to fashion modeling agencies. www.modelscout.com is a great place to start from.


  4. Modeling market: I mean with “market” the places where fashion models work and earn living. London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, and Rome are the most famous fashion markets. According to your particular look, you can be presented in the proper market. The market also means the fashion area; plus size, petite or others. However, you can succeed in more than one market.


  5. Be persistent: Success does not happen suddenly while you are sleepy. You should pay time and money besides your insist to be a famous model. You may not be able to find the agency that will change your life until after many failed trials. Be positive and remember that nothing comes without persistence.



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