Why it is bad thing to shivering and feel so cold and chilly all the time?

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You feel so cold and chilly all the time? Your hands and feets are like blocks of ice while the temperature is not very low?  If you are always shivering and can’t be warm easily, this article is written for you. First you have to know that it is very common for women to feel cold constantly. But there are many reasons for being cold and chilly all the time and it is not very hard to overcome them.

Here is a list of 5 reasons why only you feel so cold and chilly all the time:

1) You are very thin:

If you underweight,  you will feel so cold and chilly probably. This will happen often for two reasons.  First,  because you don’t have enough fats to warm your body.  Second,  you are not eating very much to get what you need from internal body heat.

2) Your thyroid is troubled:

When your thyroid is not working in the normal way, you will have some problems including feeling cold and chilly all the time. In other words, the main function of your butterfly-shaped gland is to secret proper amounts of thyroid hormone. This hormone enhances metabolism and without its right level, your body will not be able to produce the needed heat.

3) You don’t get enough iron:

Iron is an important mineral because it helps red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout your body. This process would bring heat and nutrients to whole body cells. Also iron deficiency may lead to hypothyroidism. So without sufficient amounts of iron, neither red blood cells nor thyroid will do their jobs effectively. There are many natural sources of iron such as: meat, eggs, leafy greens like spinach and seafood.

4) You don’t get enough sleep:

Sleeping less can impact badly on your nervous system which controls the regular mechanisms in the brain. It is still not very clear why this happens; but when you don’t get the required snooze time, the ability of the brain to adjust the body temperature decreases and so you feel shivered. Try to have some rest because when you are fatigue, your metabolism becomes sluggish.

5) You are dehydrated:

If there is about 60% of your body is water, it certainly plays essential role in regulating our vital processes. Actually water helps regulate body temperature. When you are adequately hydrated, water will trap heat then releases it carefully to keep your body temperature moderate and to avoid being very sensitive to the extreme temperature.


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