List of 7 herbal drinks from kitchen to feel happy and relaxed

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You feel stressed?

Sometimes, people feel frustrated and stressed. Because of work, a delayed nice journey or the everyday life, your mood might be not very good. You start to search for anything that may make you feel happy and relaxed even for a short period of time. Many people just go to eat fast food at their favorite restaurant. They may speak with the best friend, also running is a great option or they might scream loudly to feel better.

Drinking alcohol is the best?

Does alcohol is your first choice to get rid of bad feelings? But, did you ever think about having a herbal drink in home to feel more happy and relaxed? In spite of the harmful spirit drinks, try to drink one of those natural herbal drinks. Alcohol destroys your liver and whole body while these herbal drinks from kitchen are very safe and useful.

List of 7 herbal drinks from kitchen to feel happy and relaxed:

1) Milk:

It considered as magical drink as it contains tryptophan acid. This acid helps the body to relax and get rid of stress. Also it reduces insomnia. Drink a cup of milk at morning to feel happy.

2) Fruits juice:

This drink is joyful because of its many and variable colors. Fresh fruits are main sources of energy as it contains natural sugar and carbohydrates. Besides, they are able to excrete the happiness hormone.

3) Juices contain vanilla:

The secret of vanilla is its ability to calm down your brain cells. Its amazing flavor can also affect your mood to feel happy and relaxed.

4) Yogurt and blueberry mix:

This nice cocktail has amusing taste and color. It really gives you a comfortable feeling. Also it is rich in calcium and magnesium which enhance body immunity.

5) Green tea:

It is used probably in the ancient Chinese medicine to treat many health problems. This herbal drink contains caffeine, thyophilline and volatile oils. Those components decrease stress and anxiety.

6) Chocolate drink:

Chocolate is one of the reasons that make you happy in this life. If you didn’t have a piece of wonder, don’t depress. Just mix three spoons of cacao in cup of milk and enjoy.

7) Coffee:

Another gift from your kitchen is coffee. It contains caffeine which provides you with energy, activity and vitality. A cup of coffee in the morning is enough to make your day better.


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