List Of Sugary Drinks Each Is Like A Cup Of Sugar, Stay Away Of This

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Why is sugar bad?

Sugar is the killing sweet. Consuming extra amounts of artificial sugar is very bad for our health because it affects badly on more than one organ. It has a bad impact on the heart; actually, it is not very clear why but studies proved that there is a relationship between sugar and heart disease. Also, sugar consumed is converted into fats by the liver. The liver metabolizes sugar like alcohol and over time it becomes fatty liver causing diabetes. Obesity, of course, is well documented as one of excess sugar intake’s impact. I got a list of sugary drinks that may cause diseases if you overtook it.

List of harmful sugary drinks

  1. Fruit juices: Juices with added sugar are very bad because fruits contain much natural sugar. However, juices without added sugar are also harmful because the juice is made up of more than one fruit which increases the amount suitable for you. Eating fruits is much better than drinking fruit juices. 
  2. Iced-tea: Tea is very useful for the body; it contains a lot of disease-busting antioxidants. But in one bottle of sweetened ice tea, there are 30 grams of added sugar. This is horrible, try to drink tea with no sugar, just add some mint or any flavored herb and you will discover that you didn’t drink tea before. 
  3. Flavored coconut water: Coconut water is packed using electrolytes and this helps the body to stay hydrated. The problem is in flavored versions, such as mango and pineapple; the 16-ounce container has 30 gram of sugar. 
  4. Sweet yogurt drinks: Yogurt is very important because it contains probiotic bacteria which keeps your gut healthy. Flavored sweet yogurt drink small can contains about 26 grams of sweeteners like sugar, fructose or fruit puree. This is very bad if you ate every day. 
  5. Fancy coffee drinks: Coffee has many benefits but when it is flavored and sweetened, sugar cancels them out. Grand white chocolate mocha frappuccino at Starbucks contains 61 grams of sugar.

N.B.: the daily limit: for men 36 grams, for women 26 grams





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