Worst things you do but harm your healthy smile and teeth

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Healthy smile and teeth

We all have this dream to get healthy smile and teeth. This is not very hard, just we should know how. To take care of your valuable pearls, you need healthy guide. Usually we harm our teeth with bad habits we do. First let ‘s think about the worst things we do but harm our healthy smile and teeth. After, you can owe the clue to get amazing smile.

Worst things you do but harm your healthy smile and teeth:

1) Chewing on ice:

This may break a tooth or displace a filling. Our teeth are covered with hard material, but they are not designed to crack rocks.

2) Giving up gum:

The problem is in the sugar of the bubble gum. Chewing sugarless gums can be useful, because it increases the production of saliva. If you like gums, the dentists advice is to chew sugarless gums containing Xylitol. This will help you in food digestion, give you a good breath and protect your teeth from bacteria.

3) Alcohol:

Of course alcohol has harmful effect on your body including your teeth. Alcohol causes dehydration and dry mouth. Don’t drink excessively because this may lead to reduction of saliva by time. Also it would result in tooth decay and infections.

4) Sticky food:

Dried fruits and sticky candies are from teeth enemies. They would stay on the teeth longer and you will need to brush your teeth carefully. Besides, dentists recommend to avoid eating hard sweets, lollipops and toffee.

5) Citrus:

Many people like to squeeze a lemon wedge into their mouth directly. This is not the best way to get its benefits, because citric fruits are acidic. It is better to enjoy citrus fruits by adding water to them, this would protect your teeth from enamel decay.

6) Drinking soda:

Regular soda, diet soda and sport drinks are not very good for you. Their sugar is used by plaque bacteria in your mouth, causing enamel corrosion. Avoid them and try better choices of fresh fruit juices.


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