The First Zodiac Inspired Lipsticks Line Releases By Bite Beauty

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Astrology and makeup:

Astrology is very important for many people. A lot of us rely on stars to guide them more than ever. Now astrology not only indicates your date and luck, but also it is able to choose your proper makeup. Spectrum has zodiac inspired makeup brushes. Spongelle has zodiac inspired body wash. Now a new and different line is launched this month by Bite Beauty, zodiac inspired lipsticks.

Bite Beauty:

There will be 12 shades corresponding each sign, one is released every month. Each shade has a psychic’s stamp of approval, and the sign is even on the package. Bite Beauty is very smart to think about this, girls love to get something especially made for her. This also might be a nice gift for best birthday friends. Just wait for your or your friend ‘s month to get this gorgeous zodiac inspired lipsticks.

 Inspiration Of Zodiac Inspired Lipsticks:

The line’s Amuse Bouche zodiac inspired lipsticks celebrate each month’s star sign. January’s sign is Aquarius, so its lipstick is shiny deep purple. This creamy berry color shows the characters of the Aquarian. They are inventors, pioneers and unique individuals. Those cutting-edge, social and creative persons will get their own fantastic lipsticks for only 26$.

Bite Beauty chose this bright modern plum shade for the sign of innovators and fearless Aquarians. Also every month, they will produce a new zodiac inspired lipsticks with suitable properties. Bite promises Leos will get bold and ambitious look, while Geminis will get lipsticks with double appearance. Mostly, it will be the same price for each astrology sign.

There are only few days and Aquarius will totally sold out. It is unclear whether or not they will restock the out sold shades. Anyway just keep tuned for the other months zodiac inspiring lipsticks. Be ready for your best friend birthday party with a special gift from Bite Beauty.


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